Things To Do In Bimini

Bimini Restaurants

In Bimini you can taste its local dishes, as well as international cuisine in different types of restaurants, that adapt to the visitors preferences and possibilities: from a simple early morning breakfast to an elaborate late night dinner, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety and tastefulness of dishes and drinks to be found in Bimini. Read more

Magnificent Beaches

Bimini offers idyllic beaches of fine white sands, crystal clear waters and spectacular views. Radio, Blister Bay and Spook Hill Beaches host a wide range of water sports as well as serene spaces, should you prefer to relax or sunbathe. Exquisite food and drinks offered by locals make them a paradise you will relish to visit! Read more

Dolphin House Bimini

This sublime creation of its unique designer and builder, Ashley Saunders, is the result of his life-changing experience swimming with dolphins in Bimini's waters. Admire these special creatures that inspired Saunders to produce a Gaudi-like showcase of their magic and Bimini's wonders in harmony with the rest of the world. Read more

SS Sapona Snorkel Excursion

Visiting the Sapona shipwreck in Bimini allows you to enjoy a site that recalls local history from the Prohibition Era in USA and the prosperous rum-running activity in these islands, to the present times of superb tourist activities such as snorkeling, diving and fishing in its paradisiac surroundings. A must do for everyone! Read more

The Healing Hole

From Juan Ponce de Leon to Martin Luther King, the Healing Hole has captivated travelers to Bimini with its peaceful, relaxing ambiance and curative waters that soothe and replenish the bodies and souls of those fortunate enough to bathe in them. Be one of its visitors blessed with this unforgettable and rewarding experience. Read more

Bimini Bonefishing

Bimini is a world-famous bonefishing spot. Catching a bonefish is an exciting fly fishing sport that allows you to enjoy its speed, strength, alertness and beauty. Bimini’s generous feeding waters of its vast bonefish population and its world-class bonefish guides make it the ideal choice to practice this wonderful sport. Read more