Top 5 Beaches In Bimini

Bimini offers, in its two main islands, picturesque and lovely beaches surrounded by bizarre limestones and an underwater environment like no other. North Bimini attracts the interest of tourists who want to enjoy a wide range of activities, as well as those who just want to relax at the quiet continuous stretch of sand known by its three beaches: Radio Beach, Blister Beach and Spook Hill Beach. Further north you will find Paradise Beach, with a more luxurious style to the three previously mentioned. If you are looking for more solitude and inspiration, enjoy visiting South Bimini's Shell Beach, which stretches along the whole west side of the Island, or Tiki Hut Beach, backed by a beautiful stretch of vegetation and blooming flowers.

North Beaches:

Paradise Beach

One of the most visited beaches in Bimini because it lies inside the grounds of Resorts World Bimini. It offers the services of The Beach Club and an activity center where you can rent all sorts of water equipment (kayak, paddle boats, banana boat rides, among others) as well as interesting excursions. Located at the northern tip of North Bimini, its sunrises and sunsets are breathtakingly beautiful, an experience you cannot miss. Unlike the previous 3 beaches we mentioned, this one offers services to tourists who prefer a luxurious private island experience. 

Radio Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Bimini, located on the western part of the island, just off Queen's Highway. It offers many facilities on it or at a short distance, such as restrooms, snack bars and restaurants, as well as a variety of accommodations. However, the best part about this beach is that it combines a fair amount of visitors with some quiet spots for relaxed unbathing. Nearby is Alice Town where you can learn about the local culture and traditions, or you can stroll around and discover the interesting places it has to offer.

Blister Bay Beach

Also located on the west side of North Bimini, right off King’s Highway, between Alice Town and Bailey Town. Even though it is next to Radio Beach, it is less crowded, making it a favorite among locals. You will find a few typical bars and restaurants in the surroundings of this beach, so you can enjoy your privacy while sunbathing on soft, white sand and swimming in crystal clear, tranquil waters.

Spook Hill Beach

Located at the north end of the same stretch where Radio and Blister Bay beaches lie, it is the quietest and loneliest of the three. It earned the name because of a nearby cemetery, but don’t get scared, here you will find a beautiful sandy cove beach, and shallow waters ideal for snorkeling and swimming.

South Beaches:

Tiki Hut Beach

If you love nature, you must visit this beach. Here you will find different species of palm trees that are used for thatching, sisal and blooming flowers. This will surely make you feel in paradise while enjoying a relaxing day and forget about the rest world.

Shell Beach

This is the most immaculate, natural beach located in the center of South Bimini´s undeveloped west coast. True to its name, it is sprinkled with colorful seashells. You can make the most of your relaxation time in this peaceful, calm beach. Being a natural “virgin” location, it doesn’t offer facilities to its visitors, so we recommend you go prepared by taking whatever you consider necessary to use or consume, in order to enjoy your day at this wonderful beach.

Bimini Beaches Map

It doesn’t matter which of these options you decide to choose, if something is guaranteed in Bimini is that you are going to enjoy beautiful beaches. The world is too big to stay in one place, plan your getaway trip now and come with us to discover the magical places that Bimini has for you. 

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