The Healing Hole, Bimini Bahamas

Fascination behind the Healing hole

Venture into this mystical freshwater spring resembling a large well that’s only accessible by boat and is surrounded by salt water in the mangrove swamps on the deserted east side of Bimini island. This unique curative spring has healing properties because it contains significant amounts of lithium, sulfur, and alpha radiation. It arouses curiosity and interest, not only for its healing properties, but also because -according to a visionary called Cayce- these waters were revered by the Atlanteans and are allegedly linked to the lost city of Atlantis. 

Enjoy all the beauty of this amazing ecosystem

A Carolina skiff boat takes you from Bimini Undersea office to the mangroves where you will get a glimpse of the beauty and elegance of this ecosystem and be aware of its impact on the environment. It is rich in animal life and serves as nursery ground to many important marine species. Harmless baby sharks and stingrays, groupers and snappers, crabs, oysters, shrimp and young crawfish seek refuge among the roots. Below the high-tide mark, mangroves are overgrown with algae and sponges. Among the branches, birds such as herons and pelicans build their nests. The tranquil effect of this landscape is understated. 

Connect with Nature in Bimini like Martin Luther King did

The journey continues among the magical branches of the mangroves, which form natural tunnels that create a unique atmosphere of peace. Silently floating through a maze of long roots, growing from a sandy seabed, you're suddenly surprised to find -right in the middle of it- a bust in honor of Martin Luther King. In the 1960`s, he was captivated by its strange beauty and peacefulness and visited this magical place on various occasions. He even wrote there his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded in 1964. A convenient stop during your visit allows you to appreciate how this location inspired Luther King. 

Submerge and heal yourself

Once you reach the entrance to the spring you have to leave the boat and waddle, chest deep, through a pathway made up of elegantly arched prop roots, like mystical drapes and three dimensional spider webs. The water may turn brownish or reddish because of the tannins from mangrove trees. It is an exotic experience for those who prefer a different scenario to the crystal blue waters of the reef. 


As you submerge in the freshwater pond, you`ll feel very much connected to nature. This quiet and cool, almost ethereal atmosphere, combines your desire to cure yourself with nature’s health benefits, especially those of water, which gives us life and has been recognized for its therapeutic properties for centuries.

The perfect getaway to relax and cure yourself

Getting away from our daily life, going outdoors and connecting with nature, encourages us to treasure our present life, to ease our minds and appreciate the sights, sounds and aromas that we may not have noticed in a while, thus minimizing stress and anxiety. “The Healing Hole” is the ideal place to do this. Don’t forget to take your bathing suit, beach shoes, towel and waterproof bag (for any equipment or camera) in order to fully enjoy this unique escape.

Paradise close to Miami

If you want to experience this singular excursion to find peace, quiet, solitude and break out from your routine, we invite you to book our excellent FRS Caribbean Ferry services in Miami, which will take you to Bimini in just 2 hours. Once there, the “Bimini Undersea Office” will help you start this adventure, cruising along crystal clear waters, enjoying a beautiful view of the coast and the abundant marine life, as you approach the mangroves to discover their secrets. This 2 hour excursion can be easily enjoyed in a Day Trip and is perfect for eco-lovers and adventure-seekers. Nevertheless, and due to occasional changes of tide, we recommend you stay for at least one night in Bimini in order to ensure a successful excursion to the Healing Hole.

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