The Perfect Getaway Trip

#1. Close to Florida

Located at a very short distance and right in front of the Florida Coast, this enticing destination is ideal for a quick Getaway Trip. In just 2 hours you can get to Bimini, the closest island from Florida.


Along the sea shore of Bimini there are different restaurants and stands with ocean views to discover on the next getaway trip to he island.

#2. Great Weather

This authentic Caribbean setting offers almost permanent sunshine and warm temperatures, rarely dipping below 60 degrees, even in winter time, and with few scattered showers during the short May-June rainy season. These superb conditions enhance fun and enjoyment, making it the best destination for travelers who want to bask in the sun and relax any time of the year. If you want to experience endless summers this is the place to be!

#3. All sorts of fun and activities

Looking for an exciting getaway trip? The Bahamas offer a great variety of activities you can enjoy during your visit. Water sports and excursions are very popular, with excellent alternatives like: snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, swimming with wild dolphins, and the growing, international sensation of the famous swimming pigs in Exuma, among others.

 From snorkeling with stingrays, swiming with dolphins or just spending all day at the beach, Bimini offers all sorts of fun and activities.

#4. Beautiful beaches

This idyllic archipelago gathers some 700 islands, cays and islets, where you can find the most beautiful locations that display an awesome array of natural wonders. Cabbage Beach in Paradise Island, Pink Sand Beach in Harbour Island, Tahiti Beach in Abacos and Radio Beach in Bimini, are just some of these authentic oasis that offer: crystal clear waters, pink and white soft sands, beautiful landscapes all of which sum up to ensure your delight and ultimate relaxation. Your only dilemma will be choosing which ones to visit.

#5. Fascinating history

No matter which island you decide to visit, in The Bahamas every piece of land has a rich history and a number of interesting sights for tourists. Originally inhabited by peaceful

Lucayan Indians, the arrival, in 1492, of Christopher Columbus, marked the beginning of its process of multicultural integration. The Spanish, English and African cultural components of The Bahamas are key elements of the natural happiness, optimism and hospitality that the locals offer to their visitors. You will always feel at home!

Bimini culture is showcased by its exquisite cuisine, Caribbean music and dances, among other local artistic expressions.

#6. Delicious food and great entertainment

The variety of nightlife and cultural events to be found in the main Bahamas islands guarantee around the clock pleasure and fun, like the Junkanoo Carnival (celebrated each year at the end of April and beginning of May). The local culture is showcased by its exquisite cuisine, happy and contagious Caribbean music and dances, among other local artistic expressions, as well as by the polychromy and exuberance of its memorable landscapes, and exotic flora and fauna.

Bimini the hidden gem of the Bahamas

Two islands, North Bimini and South Bimini, make up this delightful part of the Bahamas, small in size and immense in the variety of activities and natural conditions it offers to its visitors.

The splendid and generous waters that surround this relatively unknown paradise provide optimum conditions for those who love to practice big-game fishing and many other water sports. They also host wonderful underwater locations such as the Sapona Shipwreck and “The Bimini Road”, believed to be part of the Lost Continent of Atlantis.


These qualities ensure that your visit to any of The Bahamas natural, historical and cultural locations will prove highly entertaining and unforgettable. Now is the time to pack your things and come with us to experience the vibrant, colorful, fun-packed culture of this wonderful place.

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