Dolphin House Bimini

The Dolphin House is the work of a very special Bimini, Ashley Saunders, who has dedicated 25 years to the construction of a building that serves simultaneously as his home, a guest house, a museum, a local landmark, and a tribute to the wonderful creatures that inspired his sublime enterprise: the dolphins

From would be fisherman to inspired artist:

Saunders, creator of this structural, cultural and emotional labor of love, gave us a brief summary of his life that allows you to understand his steadfast dedication: from being a regular local school boy, fancying being a fisherman for a living, he accomplished a Master’s Degree at Harvard University in the Philosophy of Children. His love for Bimini made him return in order to help educate his fellow islanders, dedicating many years to producing the first books about Bimini’s history. 

But one day, after such an eventful and productive career, Saunders had a life changing experience in the warm and crystalline waters of his beloved Bimini, which he shared with us: “I jumped into the sea and found myself surrounded by over 40 dolphins, sharing their energy, intelligence, beauty and friendliness. This unprecedented experience awoke my inner artist and inspired me in such a way that I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to honoring the newly found passion that the dolphins gave me”.

A house built with dedication and creativity:

Since 1993, Ashley Saunders has been building the Dolphin House all on his own, without paying for any type of construction project or calculus, hired labor, machinery, or construction materials. The design, its construction process and finishes, the installation of all service appliances and decorations, have been of his sole responsibility and execution, requiring from the lone builder a lot of engineering skills, as well as artistry. 


Furthermore, none of the materials that he has used in building the Dolphin House have been purchased. They have all been recycled, salvaged, collected or received as a collaboration or gift. He used remains of construction materials from every building -standing or demolished- in Bimini, coral from the beach, limestone rock, conch shells, sand, as well as recovered material from the local dump. A little bit of the whole of Bimini is incorporated in this building. 

The construction has no blueprints, so he builds it as he goes along, based on imagination, dreams and ideas received from the dolphins, either when he is awake, or when sleeping. Saunders reveals the secret of his craft: “I’m using dolphin energy, dolphin magic, dolphin love and dolphin creativity”. All these elements have been instrumental in the construction of this unique and sturdy building that has withstood 8 hurricanes during its construction.

A special place of harmony in Bimini.

The colorful and happy culture, as well as the heritage of the island is represented in the Dolphin House, built by a sublime native who wants visitors to feel inspired, motivating their best feelings of love, solidarity, friendship, creativity, and by experiencing what he firmly believes to be the energy of the lost civilization of Atlantis, which also provides a biblical inspiration.
On your next trip to Bimini you cannot miss visiting this magic place. Begin your adventure aboard our High Speed Vessel, which in just 2 hours will take you to the very heart of Bimini. Once there, you only need to get to Queen’s Highway, in Alice Town, to reach the Dolphin House, a short 10 minute drive from our local terminal. The best way to move around this small and enchanting island is by driving a golf cart, which you can rent on board with us

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