Bimini Day Trip Experience

2 Hour Ferry Trip

On board, you may taste delicious sandwiches, exquisite desserts or snacks, accompanied by cocktails, fruit juices or sodas while admiring the beautiful view, either from inside the passengers lounge, through the panoramic windows, or outside, on the sun deck. You can also purchase duty free articles and book the different activities and tours you may want to experience once on the island.  

Bimini First Impression

Tourists feel as happy as children in a bumper car track when finding out that the most common way to get around those amazing places is on a golf cart. They may choose to go to some of those magical beaches that will make them appreciate the laid back Caribbean atmosphere or, just to ride along Alice Town and get into the adventure of discovering the island.

Once in Bimini,

Once in Bimini, the amazement continues when passengers are picked up in a modern, clean and comfortable tram that takes them to the north side of North Bimini Island, passing under a large arch that announces the entrance of the city (reminding the film “The Never Ending Story”) that exposes Bimini's amazing dichotomy. To the left, there is a set of houses and The Hilton Resort World that display elegance and comfort. To the right, lies the main road that runs through the south side of North Bimini Island, a route just as attractive, that shows the essence of Bimini: simple, humble and at the same time fascinating. On both sides of the main road, there are some small streets that lead to the magical beaches and the various historical and tourist sites that have their particular charm

Explore Alice Town

Going around means to enjoy stopping in every place that draws their attention, such as the local historic and iconic places, like the Dolphin House, little house-restaurants or more fancy clubs to taste the delicious typical food and drinks, a bread “factory” house to buy a delicious and famous bread from the very hands of the guy who makes it. This option is a fantastic way to feel the friendly hospitality and familiar environment of the locals. At the end of the main road and before turning back, the surprise continues when, to your right and after going through a little pine forest, you get to see a big old ship wreck in the water, so close to the shore that it awakens the “Jacques Cousteau” spirit in you.

Relax in Resorts World Bimini

Once filled with that energy it is a good idea to spend the rest of your time at Resort World

Bimini, where you can relax and discover miles of white sand beaches, infinity pools spanning the resort, diverse restaurants led by the world’s top chefs, and a world-class casino – all boasting indescribable views of Bimini’s turquoise waters. With your Day-Pass you will have access to all the amenities of the resort, transportation within the resort, towels & Free WIFI.

Comfortable Return Home

Now it is time to get ready to take the ferry back. Once on board, the fun continues with a relaxing trip, where you will enjoy two pleasant hours in refreshing air conditioning, admiring the sunset while drinking and eating something light, well attended by the kind and friendly crew. This is the ideal moment to internalize all you have experienced, and feel that after a day trip to Bimini, you’ll head back to Miami relaxed and charged with joy of living and positive attitude to continue with your daily routine, having been rewarded by its magical power to take away all your stress and worries.

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