Alice Town, Bimini

Bimini was first inhabited by Ciboney Indians, and then by Lucayan Indians, prior to the arrival of the Spanish conquerors in 1513. Just 20 years after this encounter the Lucayans had been almost completely wiped out by the warfare, harsh treatment and diseases imposed on them by their European counterparts.

In 1835 Bimini was re-inhabited by families of West African lineage that immigrated from nearby islands looking to make a living from salvaging goods from the many shipwrecks occurred north of Bimini. They settled in what is presently Alice Town, which was named in honor of Alice Bayley, the wife of Charles John Bayley, Englishman who was Royal Governor of the Bahamas from 1857 to 1864.

There are many waterfront restaurants, food stands and bars in Alice Town that will captivate you with their fabulous sea views and Caribbean environment. The mouth-watering typical dishes -some prepared with fresh “catch of the day” marine species- and thirst-quenching drinks will delight your days and provide nights of partying and entertainment, enhanced by the happy and friendly nature of its native dwellers.

While in Alice Town, you will have the opportunity to visit 3 magical beaches that will let you enjoy its easy-going and warm atmosphere: Radio Beach, Blister Bay and Spook Hill Beach.Should you prefer more placid and cultural activities, you have many attractive options, such as the seashell coated Dolphin House, Bimini’s Straw Market, Bimini Museum, the Veteran’s Memorial or the beautiful Gallant Lady Shipwreck.

It’s easy to get around Alice Town. There are a few cars and taxis, but it is so small, that you can choose between walking to the different sites, renting a bike or a golf cart, which is the most popular means of local transportation. No matter your choice, locals are very friendly and helpful, so you will always find someone who is willing to give you a free ride.

The following map lets visitors to Alice Town appreciate its main attractions, in order to make the most of their visit to this delightful destination:

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