Boarding passes may be obtained though FRS Caribbean ticket offices at the terminal (up until one hour prior to departure). Passengers will receive their boarding pass for all travel segments. If a roundtrip ticket was purchased they will receive their boarding pass from departure from Miami and departure from Bimini at time of Check-in.

Check-in at the terminal will begin 2:15hs before departure time, and ends 30 minutes prior to departure.
We recommend you allow at least one hour for clearance through Government authorities upon your arrival/return.

Passengers will be able to print out their voucher confirmations as soon as they have inserted all proper documentation and information in the required fields, and payment is processed.
Passengers should bring their voucher confirmations to the terminal for quicker check-in process. Boarding passes

There will be a luggage counter located outside Terminal H, in Port of Miami. Each passenger is permitted one carry on piece of luggage. Any additional luggage needs to be checked in and there will be an additional charge of $25 per piece. (Please see LUGGAGE procedures below for more information).

Any passenger who needs to make any change to their departure date and already is in possession of a ticket will need to see a pier agent in the terminal with their original voucher confirmation, or call our customer service department at 1 877 286 7220. A determination will be made at that time if any modification can be made.

Any passenger over 24 weeks pregnant must present an original signed declaration to the check-in agent from their doctor stating the patient is “fit to travel”.


  • - Infants must be six months or older at time of boarding.
  • - Passengers under 18 years are considered minors.

Children under 18 years of age not accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian must provide an FRS Caribbean agent a notarized letter from said parent/guardian authorizing travel. In the event this letter is not produced, the possibility exists that boarding may not be granted and no refund will be given.

Passengers with a disability are required to inform the FRS Caribbean staff when calling in a reservation as well as when checking in at the terminal. When making an online reservation is it recommended that the remarks field indicate any special assistance required.

The following services are available onboard:

  • - Adaptable seats and toilets.
  • - Safety anchorage for wheelchairs

The only pets permitted at this time are dogs, and they must be a minimum of 6 months old. Animals are required to have proper paperwork indicating vaccinations within the past year. Check-in agents will ask to view the documents.

Pets will be charged passenger rates (please contact FRS Caribbean to verify the rates).


All pets must be in their own carrier/kennel or a kennel provided by FRS Caribbean. While onboard each must be restrained by a harness/leash if they are not in the carrier.

As per Bahamian customs, a permit from the Bahamas agriculture and fisheries is required. It can obtained online or by calling !-242-325-7502.

Large dogs must travel in a kennel with the exception of “Service dogs”. Service dogs MUST have proper documentation and will be free of charge. They are permitted to remain in the passenger area. In the event that any animal demonstrates aggressive behavior, or is obviously ill, FRS Caribbean reserves the right to refuse passage.

Passenger and crew safety is our first priority. As such, various means of safety will be utilized and are required by port and state authorities such as scanners, metal detectors, emergency procedures such as mustering, and restriction to certain areas on the vessel itself. We ask that you abide by all regulations posted, signage, and crew directions to ensure safety and security of the vessel and all onboard.

Please refer to US Government’s international travel page for current regulations and information regarding international travel.

United States Citizen travel requirements for same day round trip or split travel:

  • Valid US passport (valid at least 30 days) OR state issued birth certificate with valid government issued picture ID. Passengers under the age of 16 do not require government issued picture ID.
  • Passports are STRONGLY recommended as should you be required to re-enter the US by air birth certificates with government issued picture ID IS NOT ACCEPTED.
  • Naturalization paper (MUST BE ORIGINAL)
  • ARC (Alien Resident Card) (no copies permitted) + it is recommended you also have your original passport from country of citizenship. The 551 stamp with valid extension date or valid documentation for extension is accepted in the event the green card is expired
  • Enhanced driver’s license (valid for same day round trip travel)

Documents NOT accepted include:

  • Baptismal certificates.
  • Hospital certificate of birth.
  • Puerto Rican birth certificates issues prior to July 1, 2010. Those issued after that date are valid.

Non US Citizens requirements for same days round trip or split travel:

  • Visa Waiver country – proof of ESTA and valid entry stamp
  • Non Visa Waiver country – Valid Passport with entry stamp with Multiple Entry (single entry will not be accepted)
  • F1 and M1 Visas must have their current I-20 form properly signed and dated. NOTE F1 passengers ARE permitted to travel within their 30 day grace period after expiration. M1 passengers CANNOT travel after visa or I20 is expired. Their 30 day grace period only allows stay in the US.
  • J1 Visas must have current DS2019 form with proper dates and signatures. J1 passengers CANNOT travel after visa or DS2019 is expired. Their 30 day grace period only allows stay in the US.
  • C1/D passengers MUST have signed off their carrier or vessel with a B1/B2 or WT.

Bahamian Visas
Certain countries are required to obtain Bahamian Visas in order to overnight in the Bahamas. Please check with the Bahamian Consulate to see if this is a requirement in your particular country. Note that the Visa is required based upon the country of birth/citizenship, not the country of residence.

Bahamian Citizens requirements:
  • Please contact travel agency for updated citizenship information
  • Valid passport
  • ARC card holders should have valid passport as well
  • Residents of the Bahamas must have valid residency card or a Letter of Permit to Reside with proper stamps/dates

NOTE: Only personal belongings are considered to be luggage.
* Each passenger is permitted one (1) carry on with the dimensions 22 X 9 X 11.5. Any type of luggage larger than that (and does not fit in the luggage bin) will not be considered carry on and must be checked in.
Luggage Sizes
0 - under 50 pounds - US$25.00 per luggage
50 - 70 pounds - US$50.00 per luggage
70 - 150 pounds - US$100.00 per luggage
Luggage charges are applicable per segment (MIA-BIM -1 Segment) (BIM-MIA - 1 Segment)
Passengers with oversized bags, large boxes and/or equipment, will be required to schedule items to be taken to our Warehouse. Please call our Cargo office prior for details and scheduled for deliveries.

**Please check our warehouse address and schedule by clicking here on CARGO. Pallets will be provided for a charge for those passengers who have heavier luggage or a great deal of personal items. Passengers will not have the ability to sail the same day as they drop off their items to the warehouse, therefore, please be mindful of the days our warehouse will load your items onboard before you book your sailing.

ALL items, baggage, etc must be labeled with the passenger’s full name and address. Unclaimed baggage with be held for 10 days at owner’s risk and expense and will be discarded after that period of time.

Additionally please note:
FRS Caribbean has the right to search baggage for hazardous substances or any type of contraband, Including weapons, controlled substances or any other items prohibited by federal, state or local authorities. The carrier will not be liable for damage of baggage in the possession of said authorities.