Cargo Services

FRS Caribbean has the fastest transit time service from Florida to Bimini Island, with only 2 hours crossing from Port to Port. FRS Caribbean has cars and LCL (pallets and bins) capacity.


Read the contents of these General Cargo Conditions carefully before continuing.

Warehouse to drop off:

Monday – Friday9:00pm - 5:00pm

Our warehouse location is:

11825 NW 100 Road, Suite 3
Miami, FL, 33178, US

We ship cargo to Bimini twice a week Wednesday and Friday.
Note: cutoff for Wednesday sailing is Tuesday at 4:30PM and cutoff for Friday sailing Thursday 4:30PM.

Please note:

ALL cargo going to the warehouse needs to have a commercial invoice.

ALL cargo arriving at Bimini manifested or accompanied by passenger needs to be claimed on arrival. If cargo is not claimed on arrival, transportation charges to Bimini customs warehouse will apply.

Passenger Cargo Services:

  • Bins
  • Pallets
  • Oversized luggage

Passengers must be at our Warehouse drop off (see address and working hours above) to load their cargo bin or pallet before the date of sailing. Passengers taking cargo/personal cargo stuff must travel with their pallets or bins. Personal cargo stuff cannot be sent on the ship to the Bahamas without a person travelling with it. Bins and pallets for passengers can be booked online or calling: 1-800-215-5102.

Pallet size 48Inch x 40Inch x 6 Feet Max weight per pallet 500Pounds. There is an additional 0.20cents per pound after the 500Pounds. We don't provide boxes of any sizes, what you see on the web is only an example for the size and measurements of the box and the prices. All cargo arriving our warehouse will be put on pallets and Shrink Wrap, extra fee will apply. For more details please contact our warehouse.

For any Non Accompanied Cargo information please call 1-800-215-5102.